How to make vegetarian sushi – Veg sushi recipe in lifeclub

ow to make vegetarian sushi

Sushi is a Japanese dish that is now very much liked in the whole world. You will see many types of sushi in the restaurant and mainly boiled rice, vinegar and seafood are used. If you love spicy things, then definitely you will like this dish. Although sushi is a non veg dish, but if you are vegetarian and want to taste the dish, then we are telling you its vegetarian recipe. The most important thing is that you will not have to go out of the restaurant to eat it, but you can easily make it at home. Let’s know the recipes for making vegetarian cuisine.


  • Four cups sushi rice (baked)
  • Half cup sugar one cup vinegar
  • Chopped vegetables (avocado, carrot, capsicum and vegetables of your choice)
  • Nori Sheets (This is a kind of Seaweed grown in Japan which you can eat, it is dried and changed into a sheet and it is used as a base of sushi rolls. You can use it as a supermarket Can buy from)

Veg sushi recipe:


  • Mix boiled rice and vinegar together. Keep in mind that while mixing, both of them warm up, so that they get better together. Mix it together and keep it aside.
  • Lay a blank sheet and place a layer of rice on it. Spread it like this, leaving the place on the edges. That’s because if the gap on the edges is not gapped, the rice will start falling out on every side while rolling.
  • Now put chopped vegetables right in the middle. Now roll the sushi all the way up to the end. Roll it well by pressing it and finally add a little water and paste it so that the roll is not open.
  • Now cut this roll into pieces of 1.5 inches. Soak the chaku while cutting it so that the rice does not stick in it. We are also sharing a video related to it, which will help you create it.