Remedies for Dehydrations: Symptoms and Prevention

dehydrations symptoms

Dehydration is loss of body water which also accompanies the disturbed functioning of metabolic process. Dehydration can increase the high level of sodium ions in body and can cause loss of blood volume. Human body is made of two thirds of water and it lubricates the joint and eyes, flush out toxins out of body and makes skin supple.

It usually caused by not drinking sufficient fluid to replace what we lose through sweat or urine. Moreover climate, exercise and your diet can cause dehydration. Long illness, vomiting, diarrhoea can also cause dehydration. Any person can be dehydrated but babies, older people, athletes and diabetic patients are prone to dehydration. In summer, risk of getting dehydrated become higher due to scorching heat, excess sweating and sunstroke.



If you suspects dehydration then you should take blood or urine tear to check salts level in your body. You can detect it with some extreme symptoms like extreme thirst, gap of more than 7 hours in urine intervals, dizziness, Dry throats and lips, vomiting. Rapid or weak pulse or seizure can also symptomize. Dehydration can be mild to severe.Prevention is always better than cure

Dehydration makes body weaker and it worsens if not cured on time. Following useful tips can definitely help you to keep body hydrated and prevention from dehydration.

  1. Drink plenty of water as it will keep your body hydrated. If you are indulge into intensive workout or physical work then always keep a bottle of water with you.

2.In Summer avoid working outdoor or exercising as it cause excess sweating and water loss. Always change the sweat soaked clothes as soon as possible .

  1. Avoid table salt, alcohol as they increase the chances of dehydration.

4.Try sipping small amount of water as frequent as possible to maintain the body’s water level in summer.

  1. Don’t just rely on water to keep body hydrated. Add fruits to your routine diet.
  2. Don’t ignore the symptoms of dehydration. If any symptoms persists then rush to your doctor.
  3. Try wearing light collared clothes as these absorb less heat. Less heat means less sweating and less body water loss.
  4. Avoid cold drinks and energy drinks beaches it contains caffeine which makes you feel fuller for some time but in reality it don’t hydrate or fulfil body water needs. Prefer fruit juice over the cold drink in summers.
  5. Don’t face sun in noon. Yes, in summers morning 11 am to 4 pm sun is always on its very strong sun rays which absorbed water from body and makes is less hydrated. Try to avoid mid noon work and outing to prevent from dehydration.
  6. Avoid oily food and high protein diet as this dries up the body. In summer rely more and more on veggies and fruits, coconut water so that body don’t go out of water.


These are some easy tips to keep yourself safe from dehydration and follow these tips so you can enjoy summers on a healthy happy note.