Things To Do Together Before Besties’ Wedding

Together Before Besties’ Wedding

Your best friend is ready for twinning with her bay, life changing phase, she might be having mixed emotions of happiness and sadness. Side by side you are also thinking about past times, fun moments you had together and outdoor visits. You might be worried if you would ever find such moments and buff’s time again, Well we can’t tell you about future happenings but you can make this pre wedding time memorable for you and your best friend. Trust us this will be the most enjoyable phase and time for your friendship.

Go to dance classes- Music and dance, best treats to body and soul. A bride to be goes through many changes which she find hard to grab and feel tired. Go and help her. Take her to the dance classes and dance to the latest and favourites songs. This will not only help her to cheer up but also she can dance and amaze people with her crazy dance moves.


Lavish Lunch at your favourite place- Food and friends these are the best combo ever. This is fun way to surprise your best friend, just pick her from home and take her to favourite place and order her favourite food. She will be overwhelmed with this gesture and your old memories will be relived.


Watch latest movie- Time us running for you two and both of you really don’t want to miss a single moment to enjoy together. Watching movies will be the best stealing moment for you. Just book the latest movie tickets, buy popcorn and cold drinks and have dark room fun. Don’t forget to laugh aloud on funny jokes and pinch her during the romantic scenes.

Spa Session- Pamper yourself

A relaxing spa session will surely help your beastie to shed the tiredness and boredom of pre wedding tantrums. Fix a spa session and take your beastie there and make her forget about all tensions, panics and nervousness for few hours.

Gossip- about anything and everything

Believe us there is no great fun than sitting idle with your best friend and talking about movies,

Clothes, ex-boyfriends, school/college memories or anything else which makes both of you happy. This gossip can include topics like her first night fantasies, her honeymoon plans, what she thinks about her new family. This will be really fun time and a big stress buster time for her.


A small refreshing weekend- You might have gone for small trips many times, or many times you both made plans and cancelled. This is the best time to plan a small referencing trip you both were ever longing for. Bring your favourite books, music and switch off the social media and enjoy your best friend’s company,


A bride to be has many reasons to be happy and some reasons to be sad. Being a best friend pre wedding phase should be filled with joyous moments and fun for both of you, so that if you both are not able to catch up each other soon in future then these moments will make your bond stronger.