Bangalore to Kottayam- The Most Enjoyable Journey in South India

Bangalore to kottayam

Bangalore is called “Garden City” to the majority of people residing in the country. It officially named as ‘Bengaluru’ is also the center of various IT firms in the country thus is also named as “The Silicon Valley of India”.

Places to visit ISKCON Temple
ISkcon Temple

It boasts of exciting gardens to enjoy, repositories to observe your custom and opulence, forts to honor some of the grand monarchs and their prosperity and temples to provide you tranquility and serenity. Bangalore City features ISKCON Temple along with Nandi temple, which has been pulling in individuals for their architectural brilliance and belief.

Cubbon Park

The tourists have the well-known “Vidhan Soudha”, the legislative assembly and a lot of parks including Cubbon Park, Lal Bag etc to enjoy.

Ulsoor Lake
Ulsoor Lake

The Ulsoor Lake is an additional place of magnetism and is enjoyed by local people as well as travelers both for its loveliness and pleasant boating fun. The hustle and bustle in the city has got lots of places of magnetism around itself. You can enjoy national parks to explore into the deep jungle among the flora and fauna; riverside backpacking and adventurous hill stations in addition.

Kottayam fun Vembanad Lake
kottyam Fun Lake

Kottayam in Kerala state presents its visitors a great chance to travel around the land. Kottayam, approximately 548 km away from Bangalore, is surrounded by Western Ghats on the eastern side and on the west; the superb place is adjoined by Vembanad Lake and paddy grasslands of Kuttanad. The legendary meaning of Kottayam is “inside of a castle”. Kumarakom, a quiet village just 13 kilometer away is located on Vembanad Lake has bagged striking sightseeing, boating as well as fishing experience.

Elaveezha Poonchira
Elaveezha Poonchira
Elaveezha Poonchira is a popular hill station just 60 km away from the place is well known for its sun rise as well as sunset. Vaikom is a place of historical significance.