Humasafar Express: Indian Railways Offers Affordable Luxury Travelling


Indian railway, the fourth largest railway network has added another feather in its cap. The railway minister Suresh Prabhu has taken revolutionary measure to improve the travelling conditions, and this time he has come up with another very great decision in the form of Hamsafar Express. The train loaded with hi-tech features not a dream in India now because the Ahmadabad-Chennai train route has been ornamented with the beautiful and classy train called Humsafar Express. Lets find out what makes this train special..

AC 3-tier

The whole train has AC 3-tier coaches. This makes the train very convenient and luxuries yet vert affordable. Being AC 3-tier the train has black window-shield to make it look classy.

Separate Toilets

For the first time in India, a train is having separate toilets for men and women. Women toilets have a desk to change the diaper of babies. The hallmarked steel mug chained to the pipe is replaced with an elegant faucet and this I consider a great change because women are quite hesitant to use the toilet in trains. Also the floor of the train has been renovated and graffiti walls are the another attraction.

Cushioned Berths

The comfort was the priority while making the train and comfortable berths are the pre-requisite of a luxury trains. Keeping this in mind, the berths have been given to the cushioned side planks and a handle to adjust the seats have been added to the new features’ list. Along with this, the ladders have been redesigned with footrests and handles to be climbed up easily.


The train is not designed with the aim of providing but making it tech-friendly. To fulfil this purpose, the train coaches have USB charger plugins so you don’t need to carry power banks along with you. Each train coach has a LED screen that will inform you about the current location of train and Smoke detectors have been installed in the train. Coffee and tea dispensers have been installed in each coach.


Security while travelling has always been a concern in India. The cases of theft, loots and sometimes the harassment cases question the security in trains. To resolve the security issues, each train coach has CCTV camera installed at the entrance and middle of the coaches. The night-view cameras are capable of recording even in intense darkness.

Railway ministry has spent around 2.7 crore to showcase the new level of Indian Railways. If this project works well, then more trains like Humsafar Express can be launched. Now we all know how to travel safe from Ahmadabad to Chennai with the new safety and comfort features of Humsafar Express. We hope that the train will do just with its name and just like a good Humsafar, it will give you great experience of travelling.