Vikalp scheme on April 1: A Relief To Waitlisted Travellers


Railway Ministry has been doing a commendable job under the guidance of Mr. Suresh Prabhu and it has added one more feather in its cap by launching Vikalap Scheme which is solely structured to provide assistance and comfort to the waitlisted passengers. Let’s know more about this scheme.

What is Vikalp?

This scheme is designed to provide the alternative seats to the passengers who have their tickets unconfirmed. Vikalp will help the passengers in waiting list to get confirmed berth seats in the same rout’s train.

Important facts to know.

  • No confirmed seat is not guaranteed to any waitlisted passenger.
  • Seat availability will ensure the seat-confirmation.
  • Cancellation charges will be levied if the passenger cancels the ticket after getting her/his berth confirmed under Vikalap.
  • Railway authority can avail you accommodation in any alternative train which is bound to start in 12 hours after the departure of original train.
  • No additional charges for seat confirmation.
  • Name will not appear in waitlist if they are given an alternative berth.
  • Separate list of confirmed seats and waitlisted seats.
  • If you are given a seat in alternative train, you cannot travel in the original train.
  • Your original-train ticket is acceptable in the alternative train.
  • No modifications are allowed after seat is confirmed
  • To claim the refund, it is ensured that you did not travel in the alternative train and it is mandatory to file a TRD to claim the refund.


  • This scheme is for those passengers who have been listed in the waitlist in the original train’s berth-chart.
  • It is the prime duty of the passenger to check the PNR status if they have been offered any alternative seat in other train.
  • Passenger can be provided with the seat to their desired destination or a nearby station of their destination.
  • It is notified that either all the passengers with same PNR will be offered confirmed seats or none of them will be benefited under this scheme.

This scheme is a great initiative and I hope it will reduce the long-waiting for train accommodation read to their destination on time.