Bad News! ‘Linkin Park’ lead singer Chester made suicide

Linkin Park break silence

The music lovers have received very bad news from across the seven ocean crosses. Leading singer Chester Bennington of America’s famous rock band ‘Linkin Park’, who made America crazy to the whole world, is no longer in the world.

Chester Bennington (Linkin Park)

who has been a spy in the whole world, has sued the songs like ‘Nam’ and ‘Sammy Revenue Billong’.

Chester’s death was revealed when Mike Shinoda, the guitarist and songwriter of ‘Linkin Park’ tweeted, “I am shocked and unhappy but it is true. The official statement will be issued as soon as we get it. ‘

Let’s say Chester’s family went out on July 20 and was alone at home with some of his colleagues. At the same time Chester was hanged and sued. However, the cause of his death has not yet been disclosed.

Following Chester’s death, stars such as Paul Stakhanelli, Dwayne Johnson and Rihanna paid homage through Twitter. Let’s tell that Chestor was just 41 years old.