10 Best Exercises that can reduce your Belly Fat

10 Best Exercises that can reduce your Belly Fat

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Living a fit and a healthy is life is the main aim of every individual these days. The adulteration done in the food products are harming the body of the person. They are becoming the addict of various health issues. Growing of the belly fat is the most common problem faced by the most of the population. A person must address to his belly fat at the right time so as to stop the negative effects of the fat on your body. So it is important to reduce the belly fat.

The best way to remove the belly fat is by exercising. If you really want to put an end to the belly fat it is good to spend an hour for reducing the belly fat. So here the best fat burning exercises that can be easily done at home by giving an hour of your time.


The crunches are the best way of removing the fats from your body. According to the experts, they occupy the top position in burning fats. So, one must add crunches to their exercise for reducing the fat. At the starting stage on must start with 10 times per set. Each day two –three sets must be done.

Twist crunches:

After the crunches, you can start with twist crunch. They are the effective tool of removing fat. At the beginning starts with 10 times per set. Then after that two – three set per day.

Side crunch:

It is similar to the twisting crunch but in this, the more focus is put on muscles on the side. Aim for 10 times per set on the daily basis. It is also an effective way to remove fats.

Reverse crunches:

After following those crunches it is the turn off reverse crunch. Like the above crunches, this exercise is also very good in removing the fat. This exercise is especially for women. It is considered as the best abdominal exercise.

Vertical leg crunch:

Vertical leg crunch is also an effective way of removing belly fat. Do 12-16 crunches per day for effective result.

Bicycle exercise:

For this exercise, you need not have a cycle just move your legs in the way of peddling. Complete the circle. Do it for 10 minutes per day for the effective results.

Rolling plank exercise:

This exercise maintains your body muscles around the abdomen, hip and lower back. Stay in the position for 30 seconds and then start to move to and fro for about 30 seconds. This exercise is effective for the thighs also.


Walking is one of the first cardio exercises that help in removing unwanted fat that is present in the body. Walking about 30-40 minutes per day and four to five days per week can really remove the fats.


Following the same routine of workout can be boring so switching to running can also be the effective way of removing fats.


If not running try jogging. According to research jogging is more beneficial than running. It breaks- down fat faster than running.