6 Perilous Effects of Desk Job on You


Are you having a sitting job? If yes, then beware because your health is on stake.Researchers have warned that people having desk job or sitting jobs are gradually getting bigger waist circumference.Apart from this there are other dangers of increased level of bad cholesterol and decreased level of good cholesterol which are known as LDL and HDL.

1.Your heart may be on risk

Study shows that people who spent long time in sedentary posture are significantly associated with higher triglycerides which in simple words mean that fat in blood is higher or increasing and level of good cholesterol is decreasing which can worse the risk of heart disease.

2. Back is bad

People who are working in such conditions where they have to sit more than 7-8 hours are mostly suffering from bad posture which affects their spine and this bad posture becomes the reason of long term back and spine related issues. Prolonged sitting posture puts undue pressure on low back which stress the muscles and joints.

3.Social skills are also on risk

Sitting jobs with long working hours increases the habit of interaction and communication over the internet only.This limited communication declines the social activities and mental well being of humans.

4. Depression can kill you

Sitting job, long working,loneliness, limited communication and lesser social circle can increase the feelings of depression and anxiety.just keeping yourself stuck at your desk can indicate that you are not getting outside enough. Lack of sunshine and vitamin D can ultimately lead to depression

5. Your gym  won’t do any good

Many researches show that being physically active will not help much in case you are working on your desk for long hours. Despite of following a regular routine exercise people should use various modes of exercising.Frequent interruptions just like standing for few minutes and walking may help to reduce the health related risks of sitting jobs.Remember that if you are one of those employees who without fail work and sit for more than 6 hours daily then your 1 hour in gym is not enough to counteract these risk containing sitting hours.

6.Sitting job is more perilous than smoking

Yes, you heard it right. It’s because it kills more people than HIV.Sitting for long hours, constantly working on desk, cutting oneself from the society these are the factors which lead people to death.

While six of the seven highest paying jobs are desk jobs,it turns out that physically long term sitting is not just bad it can be worse.