Fight Obesity Naturally With These Top 10 Ways


Hello Readers

We all know that the technological advancements have given us super powers and made our life easier. But all these luxuries have made us lazy and we rely upon them excessively. This seeded the most dangerous disease in the body which is obesity. It is common among youngsters, kids and women overall nearly 60% of the people suffer from obesity. But the following top 10 natural ways to kick out obesity.

Good Morning with lemon water

As soon as you wake up, take a glass of filtered water and squeeze fresh lemon in it and just drink. It will keep your digestive system well and pH in control.

Breakfast like a king

The reason why most of the people suffer obesity is no taking proper breakfast. Try to include fruits like kiwis, berries, plums and other fruits you like. If you pick organic fruits then it will be great for your body.

Artificial Sweetners 

Without realising, we consume a lot of calories in the form of tea, coffee and even in Juices and lemon soda. You must avoid sugar in any form and for the sweetness you can choose artificial sweeterns in your diet.

Fruits-Friends for the day

Keep eating organic fruits all day. Make fruits the best friends of your diet and this companionship will never betray you.  Slice a mixed salad of fruits and vegetable in your lunch. This  enzymes and phytonutrients enriched diet will keep you fit and away from fat.

Filtered Water To be Fit

Drink 8-10 litres of filtered water in a day because the filter water keeps you away from any kind of contamination. Moreover the increased consumption of water will make you feel less hungry and thus you will not feel like eating all those fast food.

Shut up and bounce

Stop talking and stop making plan and just join a yoga class, aerobics or dance class. The more you bounce, the less obese you will be. So bounce and bounce

Walk and Talk

Spare one hour from your busy schedule and walk nonstop. You can ask you wife, friend, mom and walk and talk continuously for one hour. This will release the excess fat from your body through sweat.

No Food After 6pm

Try to take dinner before 6pm and the dinner take times to digest. Take enough food during day so that you wont feel any appetite in evening after 6pm.

Candida Cleaning

Increasing weight or obesity may be the result of candida yeast overgrowth, compacted liver & pancreas. Get your candida cleaned and you will eventually lose weight. Take up coconut or oilve oil for cooking food instead of refined oil.  A high powered probiotic will also do wonders to fight obesity.