Moderate Drinking is good for the brain

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One study states that drinking some quantity of wine helps to remove toxins from the brain, and it is also beneficial for Alzheimer’s patients.


What does research-

Many studies have reported that drinking too much alcohol is harmful to health. Although many studies have also stated that drinking a small quantity of alcohol can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, along with it also minimizes the risk of cancer.


What is the Expert-

In the US, McCain Niedergard of the University of Rochester said that drinking excessive amount of alcohol for long periods adversely affects the central nervous system.


He said that although in this study we have told for the first time that drinking a small quantity of alcohol can be beneficial for the health of the brain. He said that it improves the ability to remove unnecessary information of the brain.


This study has been published in Journal Scientific Reports. It focuses on the glyphatic system, which is the process of removing unnecessary information from the brain.


This study was done on the rat which saw intense and long-term effects of alcohol.